Self Injury Awareness Day

Today is Self Injury Awareness Day.  It's a day to let people know that self injury doesn't make someone crazy, they are just in pain.  They also tend to suffer in silence because there is a high degree of shame associated with self injury.

I decided to quit cutting a year ago today.  I used to cut just to make it through the day and it spiraled out of control.  I have to say that the first weeks of going without it while dealing with severe depression and anxiety was no medication.  I muscled through it somehow. 

A year later, my cravings for it have significantly lessened.  My depression has not yet stabilized because of all the changes that are going on in my life.  I'm much better at coping when stress arises.  I either talk to a friend,breathing exercises, listen to music or watch Doctor Who. 

If you think someone is hurting themselves, don't belittle them or make ultimatums to make them stop.  Don't guilt trip them into stopping because it hurts you.  We know that it hurts the other people around us and that it's not a great thing to do, but that's the only way we have to cope at the moment.  Help us.  Let us know you care and that you want to help us get better.

Show your support.  Post picture of wearing orange and purple on March 1.  Help someone who self injures by not turning a blind eye.  Silence breeds silence.  Together we can stop the pain.


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