This will just be a blog entry that reflects on my thoughts and activities over the course of the past few days.
I had been looking at this Smitten Sketching dress from Modcloth, which my friend sent me the link to:
I love that this dress is so romantic! The ModCloth website advertises that this dress is meant to "show the world that you're in love with love. So I think that I, who am so much in love with love, is made to wear this dress to represent that passion. I plan to wear this dress when I am deep into a relationship and on a date since I always like to double my clothes and activity (particularly for photography purposes). I love that the dress says, "Hello, Beautiful" and "Kiss me." I love the beautiful black-haired lady that is paired with the black-haired guy. The heart-shaped cut in the back completes the romance of the dress! I definitely want to buy this dress when I have the money! However, letting go of my current unhealthy shopaholic impulse to buy the dress also made me feel better. I do know that this dress is on my list for the future! After all, I need a dress that showcases the romantic dimension of my persona.
I love print clothing that tells a story! That is why I love the brand, Storybook Knits! My platonic guy friend told me that the brand name. Storybook Knits sounds like it was designed just for me! I have one Storybook Knits sweater.
Reading "Kiss me" on the Smitten Sketching dress reminded me of the song, "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer. I saw the official video for the first time and was very surprised to find that clips of She's All That, which features the song is in it.
I loved Freddie Prinze, Jr. in the movie! He was my high school dreamboat--caring, sweet, romantic overachiever!
Well, I see that I have implemented a stream-of-consciousness in this blog entry. There is something else that I wanted to mention. Today I wore one of my cupcake dresses for the first time and took a picture with an Easter cupcake from Natale's. I had to include this in this entry since I love cupcakes!

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