The Weather

I always find it interesting how much the weather plays on mood.  I don't mind the rain.  It can be refreshing, but most people say gray days are depressing.  I also think that most people don't know what depressing really means.  Depression isn't just sadness it's desperate, unending, soul crushing nothingness.  Unless you have been to that place, there is really no understanding.

The weather can play a factor, which is why people get Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) in the winter/colder months.  However, in order to qualify for a SAD diagnosis, you have to start feeling low towards the end of October.  Since, I have recurrent depression because of Hashimoto's the cold effects me pretty badly.  In the winter it is harder for me to get out of bed.  Yes, I am still considering getting a light box at work.

On a day like today when it is a little gray and cold, my symptoms are a little more noticeable.  Irritation and aggression, for me are the major symptoms.  I prefer warmth, but I don't need a whole lot of sunlight because there are times when the sun tries to break through the clouds that makes it gorgeous. 

I've never been a sunshine and rainbows kind of person.  I live in a world of gray, but I belief in the light.  I just don't live there.

So, next time you're bummed out by the weather, don't say it's depressing because depression is far beyond sadness.  The weather may make you lethargic or cold or irritable, but that is not a comparison to full blown depression.

The general population misuse words.  Words have a special power just like the weather.  They should be respected .


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