Moving In Day 7

So today was going back and forth from the apartment and the house.  I still have more stuff to bring over and I just feel like screaming at the top of my lungs.  There is just too much stuff.  I know that it's 3 people's stuff over the last 30 years, but I swear my mother but in a bottle of baby oil from when I was a baby.  She says it still smells good.

I am just inundated with stuff and a lot of it is probably things that I don't need.  I mean there is a thing of 25 rolls of toilet paper.  I will probably be set for a few months there.  My parents will help rearrange the place, but it's just so overwhelming.  I never realized how much stuff I had until I moved to a smaller place and started tripping over everything.  It's not the furniture, but just boxes everywhere. 

I'm just so tired of all this shit.  I need help with this.  I'm going to hide in my bed.

I've also been dreaming about him because I miss him.  I'm becoming what I'm supposed to be, but it's pretty lonely.


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