I was so overwhelmed today with the amount of stuff that I am still bringing into my apartment.  There are boxes piled up in every room and the closet.  I actually cried for 20 minutes today because I don't know where everything will go.  I already have 2 boxes for a tag sale or donations. 

I can barely move and I feel like I'm in an episode of hoarders.  I found a blanket in a basket that I swear we got rid of 6 years ago, but apparently it's just been in a closet for all that time.  I think we will also be getting take out for a while since I have no way to reach the stove and oven to cook. 

I feel like I've been sweating forever.  I know that the dust will kick up again, so I have to keep hydrated and wear a mask.  I just wish everything was settled because I can't deal with all this junk anymore.

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