New Practice

Well, it's not necessarily new for me.  I took a yoga class several years ago and really enjoyed it because it fixed my back and I felt calmer.  I decided that this year I wanted to bring yoga back into my daily life.  As I was at Aldi's, which is the best grocery store ever, they had a package called the gift of yoga, which only cost $4. It had a DVD and a guide book.  That was how I got started on yoga again.

It's only been a week since I started yoga, but I feel more energized.  Though I did realize how my flexibility and balance went down the toilet in the years since I took yoga.  I'm hoping that these things will come back as I start incorporating the practice.  Right now I'm only doing yoga 3 times a week for 15 minutes because it is that intense.  I think if I keep working at it, I will feel better overall.

Yoga has some great health benefits, which is why I wanted to start again.  It helps with energy and relaxation.  Since I have problems with energy due to my thyroid condition, I think that the practice will help me with my lack of energy.  It should also help with my cholesterol as yoga technically counts as exercise.

It's an improvement that I hope that I can continue.


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