The Outcomes of Exhaustion

One of the most difficult thing about having Hashimoto's is the fatigue.  I get tired easier than others and the fatigue adds to the lack of exercise that I get.  This past week, it caused an accident. 

Since I worked 11 days in a row, I developed a cold, which I just got rid of.  I was so exhausted from just all the working and not doing well in taking my medications.  I wanted to have a bagel, so I started slicing it and my thumb got in the way.  I had enough of a mind to rinse it off, wrap it up and elevate it above my heart to try to stop the bleeding.  It wouldn't stop, so after talking to my parents who are 5000 miles away, I drove myself to urgent care. 

At urgent care I had to wait about 45 minutes to get seen, but it was worth it because I needed stitches.  I almost passed out while getting the stitches.  I'm fine with blood and getting medication, but maybe just the feeling of getting the stitches was getting to me.  I thought it was 5 stitches, but it was 3.  I change the bandages every 6-8 hours and give them time to dry in the air.  I have to get the stitches removed on the 19th. 

My thumb is ok, but it hurts when my thumb touches things.  Believe me, it was interesting trying to put clothes on while having a sore thumb.  It isn't as sore now, but there is still some pain.  I have a high tolerance for pain, but that was a bit more than I could handle.

I guess it's time to invest in a bagel cutter and get some sleep.  Exhaustion is one of the worst symptoms of my illness and the one that is the most difficult for me to manage.


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