There are many types of talent in the world.  Some of us have the talent of teaching,  some of singing,  some of writing,  some of courage and some of speech.  The extraordinary  have a combination of talents, which make us renaissance humans.  I have been told that I have many talents, but until recently, most have faded into the obscurity of my illnesses.

I was a very talented poet once upon a time.  I don't write it as much, but due to this blog and the letters I have started to improve my writing talent so that maybe I can write poems again.  I also write plays, books and courses.  It is one of my voices even if my vocabulary has gone into disrepair.  My other voice is my singing voice.  I have a deep lower register probably because I sang Queen songs all the time.  I wanted to sing like Freddie, but the truth is that no one can.  He did teach me a great deal though.

Writing and singing are just some of my talents.  Courage is another.  Something that is innate and cannot be learned.  I took a stand while everyone else just cowered under this woman's tyrannical power. I did my research and came into battle armed.  My charisma carried me through as well.

My therapist pointed out that I was talented.  Depression robs everyone of their self-esteem and their light.  Without self-esteem everything falls including our talent.  I couldn't write for a while when my depression hit, but writing has taken me out of it a bit.  We must all value our talents because every single one of us has a talent that we can use to better the world. 

I am talented and so are you. 


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