Confidence Swings

My confidence has been having swings.  I am very confident with my mental capacity, but not with my body. It's mostly because I gained weight and am not taking care of myself as well physically.  I am doing a lot better at work, which is boosting my confidence.  Well at least in my mental capacity.

One of my main problems with my weight aside from the hashimoto's is my love of sugar.  Also, trying to get back into an exercise routine is proving a bit more difficult with the impending move.  I am working slowly on replacing foods with healthier options. 

I also miss him.  I don't really remember his voice, which makes me sad because he has one of those reassuring voices.  When he's like he used to be, I'm good.  Yet, I'm still a bit sad at the same time. I remember what people say, but not always their voices until I hear it again.  He is my Rose Tyler because he made me better.  Not every relationship is perfect, but it's the ones that change you that you remember.  Even a little stupid thing that he says can make me smile.

I'm going to continue to strive because I know recovery is possible and will be about life long management.  Part of me will always be a little bit sad and part of me will always miss my Rose.  Missing him effects my confidence, but at the same time, he's the only one that I ever try to impress.


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