Feeling Good

There are days when I'm so exhausted and at my wit's end because it was a rough day at work, but then I realize that I am not longer at the bank.  I deal with sick people with money who can be demanding as they want.  Usually it has nothing to do with me.  At the bank, I was under a microscope because I stood up for myself.  I am still standing up for myself.  I am doing so much better now than I was at the bank.

I am starting to get back on track with my health.  I have started taking baths and doing face masks.  I have gotten cooling gel for my legs for the longer days.  The good thing is that I am taking a responsibility for eating better.

I am also working on cleaning out things from my apartment.  I sorted some of the things my dad left behind and found out that he left unused gift cards.  I had $75 to Kohl's where I got a pair of jeans and a bracelet that was about inspiration.  I'm also cleaning because my friend, Casey will be moving in around January.  I'm excited to be around someone again. 

I'm glad that for the time being, I am feeling good.  I will continue to struggle and will continue to fight.  It's good to be here right now.

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